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Plant Stake - Pink Chicken

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Plant Stake  - Pink Chicken
Plant Stake  - Pink Chicken

Clucker Plant Stakes are the perfect addition to your houseplants! They are handmade pottery - all decorated differently and some even have the Clucker graphic sayings on them.

They are on brass rods so they will be fine in moist environments and they can easily be cut to the desired length with a pair of snips. All of these are all handmade by me in my little pottery studio on our farm. They are slowly made and in small batches with precision and care. Each one is hand pinched, cut, painted, glazed, and assembled by my hands. They are made from clay and fired twice in the kiln to temp of 2200 degrees.  Labor intensive, but so worth it 💚


Size is approximately 2" x 1.5" tall. Each one is handmade and may have different proportions.

Each one is handmade and may have slightly different proportions. Due to the nature of handmade items, there may be slight differences from the items photographed and the item you receive. It just mean you have an original piece of art!

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