About Me

I'm a farmer, but an artist at heart. Creativity has taken many forms over the course of my life - paper arts, the art of marketing, fabric arts, painting, wood arts, and pottery. It's always been a constant and a necessity.

Farm life has led me to appreciate the beauty of forgotten things. Old barn wood, the patina of rusted tin, the beauty of old handmade nails found all over my family's farm, metal findings from tractors & farm machinery, old pieces of pottery, a lost button, old bottles. The history and the life of these items fascinate me.

Which has led me to want to give these old farm findings a new life as assemblage art, combined with my highly detailed handmade pottery. Each piece I make is chock full of things I've found, things that tell a story of life before us and, now, life with us.

Life is art. Thank you for appreciating mine 💚

Traci @ Lucky 3 Farm