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About Me

I'm a farmer by day and an artist at night. Creativity has taken many forms over the course of my life - paper arts, the art of marketing, fabric arts, painting, wood arts, and pottery. It's always been a constant and a necessity.

Farm life has led me to appreciate the beauty of nature and it's creatures, so you'll find influences of nature in almost all my pottery pieces. I embrace many different styles - bright & whimsical, aged & distressed, clean & simple. All of these appeal to my sense of wonder and whimsy with the natural world around us. And my sense of humor is bit irreverent, as you can see in my Clucker chicken bells. 😂

We have 8 chickens, 2 sheep, 1 potbellied pig, 15 cows, 3 cats, and 1 dog on the farm. They keep us in stitches constantly with their antics and are definitely a source of inspiration.

Life is art. Thank you for appreciating mine 💚

Traci @ Lucky 3 Farm